Swami Shukdevanand College
Affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, Recognised u/s 2(f) 12(B) of UGC Act
Mumukhsu Ahram Shahjanapur - 242226

Teacher Feedback

Dear Teacher,
Please send us your feedback, Your feedback is valuable to us, it will help us to improve the quality of the college.

The information provided by you will be kept confidential.

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    1. The balance between theory and application in the course/ syllabi taught by me is:

    2. The objectives of the syllabi well defined:

    3. Relevance of the books/journals etc. prescribed / listed as reference materials the entire syllabi:

    4. The courses/syllabi of the subjects taught by me increased my interest, knowledge, and perspective in the subject area:

    5. The college has given me full freedom to adopt new techniques/strategies of teaching such as group discussions, seminar presentations, and learners participation:

    1. Does the syllabus reflect core knowledge of the subject?

    2. Are there topics that should be excluded from the syllabus?

    3. Are there topics that should be included from the syllabus?

    4. Can syllabus be completed in time bound manner?

    5. Is the syllabus flexible to adopt new teaching methodology?

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