Swami Shukdevanand College
Affiliated to M.J.P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, Recognised u/s 2(f) 12(B) of UGC Act
Mumukhsu Ahram Shahjanapur - 242226


General Rules

  • Admission to the college shall be done as per the provisions of MJP Rohilkhand University, Bareilly.
  • There is no provision of refund of fees.
  • Signatures of the candidate and the guardian on the declaration attached to the prospectus shall be done in the presence of admission officer, prior to the deposition of admission fees.
  • Reservation for SC/ST/OBC shall be done on the basis of government rules .
  • Only 5 per cent seats on the basis of merit shall be reserved for admission to the candidates from outside the state.
  • In the merit list prepared for admission, additional weightage shall be given for the special qualifications as marked under ‘special rules’ below.
  • College fees, university examination fees, etc. shall be deposited in a single instalment in the Allahabad Bank situated in the college premises. If the university increases the fees, it shall be taken along with the fees for examination form.
  • Those students, who are eligible for improvement in first and second year examination of graduation, shall be promoted to second and final year respectively, subject to his/her securing of a total of 33 per cent marks in written examination and he/she fills the requisite declaration form for temporary admission. But this rule is applicable only in case the improvement examination is conducted along with the main examination; otherwise admission is possible after passing of the improvement examination. This arrangement is applicable only to the graduation level courses.

Other Information

  • Sanction letter is given to every candidate after admission. The student should enrol his/her name with the subject lecturers through that letter.
  • Fees deposited at the time of admission shall not be refunded in any case even if the candidate has not attended the class for a single day.
  • Refund of the caution money shall be done only in the months of January and February after he/she leaves the college. Refund shall not be possible after the lapse of one session.
  • Provisional admission shall not be given to any candidate, but the past students of the college, who have practical subjects, shall be granted permission to work in the laboratory from the month of December after a deposit of three month education fees, which is necessary for taking the examination.
  • Caution money, scholarship, fee concession and student welfare fund, etc., to the students shall be paid only through crossed cheque or money order.
  • Identity and library card is compulsory for every student taking admission to the college, which shall be carried by him/her every day. In case of loss, duplicate card can be issued after a payment of Rs 5 and forwarding of the application through the teacher of his class.
  • After leaving the college, original marks sheet of the last examination passed must be shown and two photocopies and a payment of Rs 2 must be deposited for getting the transfer and the character certificates.
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